12 e-books in Mathematical & Statistical Software category

e-books in Mathematical & Statistical Software category

Computer Science Introduction to Wolfram MathematicaComputer Science Introduction to Wolfram Mathematica
by Ilkka Kokkarinen – Ryerson University , 2014
The book is an introduction to Wolfram Mathematica written in computer science spirit, using this language not just for mathematics and equation solving but for all sorts of computer science examples and problems from the standard CS101 exercises…
Mathematica Programming: An Advanced IntroductionMathematica Programming: An Advanced Introduction
by Leonid Shifrin – mathprogramming-intro.org , 2009
When writing this book I had in mind people who want to understand Mathematica programming, and particularly those users who would like to make a transition from a user to a programmer, or perhaps those who already have some limited experience.
Octave Programming TutorialOctave Programming Tutorial
by Henri Amuasi – Wikibooks , 2012
Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. The purpose of this collection of tutorials is to get you through most (and eventually all) of the available Octave functionality from a basic level.
by Alain Le Stang – Wikibooks , 2012
Maple is a computer algebra system offering many possibilities for math problems. Users can enter mathematics in traditional mathematical notation. This book aims to give all tools needed to be autonomous with this software.
LAPACK Users' GuideLAPACK Users’ Guide
by E. Anderson, et al. , 1999
LAPACK is a library of numerical linear algebra subroutines designed for high performance. The book provides an introduction to the design of the LAPACK package, a detailed description of its contents, reference manuals, and example programs.
AMPL: A Modeling Language for Mathematical ProgrammingAMPL: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming
by R. Fourer, D.M. Gay, B.W. Kernighan – Duxbury Press , 2002
AMPL is a language for large-scale optimization and mathematical programming problems in production, distribution, blending, scheduling, and many other applications. This book is a complete guide for modelers at all levels of experience.
Using SPSS and PASWUsing SPSS and PASW
by Caitlin McGrath, et al. – Wikibooks , 2011
SPSS is a software program widely used in the social sciences. This book is a rudimentary introduction to the use of SPSS for basic statistical analysis. The book is written with a focus on social scientific analysis in mind, particularly Sociology.
Advanced Scientific ComputingAdvanced Scientific Computing
by Zdzislaw Meglicki – Indiana University , 2001
Topics: linear algebra and fast Fourier transform packages and algorithms, Message Passing Interface (MPI) and parallel I/O (MPI/IO), 3D visualisation of scientific data sets, implementation of problem solving environments, quantum computing.
SPSS: Stats Practically Short and SimpleSPSS: Stats Practically Short and Simple
by Sidney Tyrrell – BookBoon , 2009
This textbook is for people who want to know how to use SPSS for analyzing data. The author has considerable experience of teaching many such people and assumes they know the basics of statistics but nothing about SPSS, or as it is now known, PASW.
Axiom: The Scientific Computation SystemAxiom: The Scientific Computation System
by Richard D. Jenks, Robert S. Sutor – axiom-developer.org , 2003
Axiom is a free general purpose computer algebra system. The book gives a technical introduction to AXIOM, interacts with the system’s tutorial, accesses algorithms developed by the symbolic computation community, and presents advanced techniques.
Modeling with Data: Tools and Techniques for Scientific ComputingModeling with Data: Tools and Techniques for Scientific Computing
by Ben Klemens – Princeton University Press , 2008
The author explains how to execute computationally intensive analysis on large data sets, showing how to determine the best methods. The book will interest researchers and graduates in the social sciences, engineering, economics, and mathematics.
The Mathematica Book, 5th EditionThe Mathematica Book, 5th Edition
by Stephen Wolfram – Wolfram Media , 2003
A tutorial and a definitive reference for Mathematica users, it covers all aspects of Mathematica. An essential resource for all users, from beginners to experts, providing the internet community full access to its encyclopedic knowledge base.

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