9 e-books in Web Services category free

e-books in Web Services category

RESTful Web ServicesRESTful Web Services
by Leonard Richardson, Sam Ruby – O’Reilly Media , 2007
This book shows how you can connect to the programmable web with the technologies you already use. The key is REST, the architectural style that drives the Web. The book focuses on practical issues: how to design RESTful web services and clients.
Introduction to Web Services with JavaIntroduction to Web Services with Java
by Kiet T. Tran – Bookboon , 2013
This book focuses more on the details of a hands-on approach to Web Service programming than its specifications. In order to help readers grasp the concept, we provide a brief introduction to Web Service, SOAP, and WSDL in the first three chapters.
Getting Started with Cloud ComputingGetting Started with Cloud Computing
by Vijay Trehan – Red Hat , 2008
Cloud computing with Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a web-scale virtual computing environment powered by Amazon Web Services. It provides everything needed to develop and host applications: compute capacity, network bandwidth, storage capacity, etc.
Google App Engine Java Experiments
Google App Engine Java Experiments
by Romin K. Irani , 2010
This book is for Java programmers looking to get started on Google App Engine, as well as App Engine programmers looking to move to Java. The journey begins with a look at the Google Plugin for Eclipse and finishes with a working web application.
Pro Web 2.0 Mashups: Remixing Data and Web ServicesPro Web 2.0 Mashups: Remixing Data and Web Services
by Raymond Yee – Apress , 2008
The book teaches you everything you need to create real-world applications using APIs, web services, Ajax, web standards, and server-side languages. All you need is basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and one server-side language.
The Zope BookThe Zope Book
by Amos Latteier, Michel Pelletier – New Riders Publishing , 2000
An authoritative guide to Zope, an open-source Web application server. It is aimed at people new to Zope as well as current users, although some existing knowledge of Web technology is necessary. The book offers an excellent, high-level view.
XML WebServices and SOAPXML WebServices and SOAP
by V. Mukhi, S. Shanbhag, S. Mukhi – BPB Publications , 2008
Introduction to XML Web Services and the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP): Web Services Description Language, Data Types in WSDL, DataSets, Webservices and Javascript, SOAP Headers, Soap Extensions, Encrypting and Decrypting Soap Data, etc.
The Java Web Services TutorialThe Java Web Services Tutorial
by Eric Armstrong, et al – Pearson Education , 2005
A concise guide covering the key methods for building Web services using Java 2. It provides practical examples for working with Java Servlets, JSTL and the Java XML Pack. This book is packed with examples to reinforce key concepts.
Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) Study GuideSun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) Study Guide
by Ken Zrobok – JavaRanch , 2001
The following document was put together as a guide to study for the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam. It is intended to filter the important parts from the Jsp and Servlet specification and not as an all-encompassing guide.

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