e-books in Computers & Internet category

e-books in Computers & Internet category

The Informed Brain in a Digital WorldThe Informed Brain in a Digital World
– National Academies Press , 2013
There has always been access to more information than humans can handle, but the difference now lies in the ubiquity of the Internet, and the incredible speed with which anyone with a computer participates in seemingly infinite information exchange.
Introduction to Computer Information SystemsIntroduction to Computer Information Systems
– Wikibooks , 2013
Today’s world runs on computers. Just about every aspect of modern life involves a computer in some way or another. This book will supplement course materials for an undergraduate college credit course in Computer Information Systems.
Computer Desktop EncyclopediaComputer Desktop Encyclopedia
by Alan Freedman – computerlanguage.com , 2013
This desktop encyclopedia contains more than 10,000 terms, which are explained accurately and lucidly. The expansive, ‘encyclopedic’ format of the book makes it possible to explain concepts and historical background at whatever length is necessary.
Advances and Applications in Mobile Computing
Advances and Applications in Mobile Computing
by Adem Karahoca – InTech , 2012
The book aims to enhance mobile software application development stages: analysis, design, development and test. Also, recent mobile network technologies, such as algorithms and decreasing energy consumption in mobile network, are covered.
A History of the Personal ComputerA History of the Personal Computer
by Roy A. Allan – Allan Publishing , 2001
A history of the personal computer revolution. Early personal computing, the ‘first’ personal computer, invention of the microprocessor and the first microcomputer are detailed. It also traces the evolution from the software hacker to the Internet.
An Introduction to ComputingAn Introduction to Computing
by Subhashis Banerjee, S. Arun Kumar , 2003
The text intended for first year students with some prior elementary background in programming. It covers problem formulation, the design of an algorithm, and the design of a program from an algorithm through a process of step-wise refinement.
A College Student's Guide to Computers in EducationA College Student’s Guide to Computers in Education
by David Moursund – University of Oregon , 2007
The book for students in colleges and universities, but also useful to high school studetns who are thinking about going to college. The information presented will help you to obtain an education that will be useful to you throughout your life.

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